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@IS creates a site tailored to your specific needs, based on our expertise. The more you put your idea on paper; more can we make this better known graphic. A successful site is not a deadinformation provider, but a living part of the information society.

Even if you already have a website we can be of service. Most CMS software is known to us and also PHP and MySql have expanded our knowledge. So we can provide your existing website with more information and the styling you want.

A client usually has a pretty good idea about the image of his future site. @IS advises you to put those ideas on paper, so it can save time during a meeting between your organization and us. The better your idea is on paper; the more we can visualize it for you. @IS creates a site tailored to your specifications, based on our expertise.

In the preparatory phase we will use all technical and graphiccreative aspects as building blocks in the actual realization of the site. During the production of the site the client always have the possibility to add any changes or new ideas. Even provided upon completion @IS have the ability to accomplish last minute comments / changes in your new site. Over time there will undoubtedly reactions at the site and in consultation with you, @IS maintenance and will, if necessary, adopt new provisions. A successful site is not a deadinformation provider, but a living part of the information society, and requires regular servicing.

You already got a nice picture of the development of a site, but still have specific questions? We are always willing to answer these questions and provide you with further information.

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You can expect a reply from us soon. We try to help you as best as possible.