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Regular and prolonged use of a PC or notebook has often meant that it is slower.

@IS is specialized in cleaning up your workstation so you can make use of it with pleasure again after the cleanup. Sometimes it is necessary to reinstall the operating system. We also install new applications and have the knowledge to make you familiar with them.

By frequent use parts can become disabled in the PC, eg: cd / dvdrom, hard disk, sound card, memory, etc. @IS can replace these parts, which are beyond repair in most cases, without great expense.

It is recommended that you bring along your PC or notebook and software at @IS, so we can take charge of your device in our workshop with the right tools. If for some reason you are not possible to come round, you can make an appointment so that during the opening hours of @IS someone comes to your place. And all this at a reasonable rate.

For a quick fix call +31 6 53814597 or send us an e-mail via our questionaire